A social network for you and your dog.

Barkl is a social network for you and your dog. Find fellow dog guardians to connect with and build a lifelong bond with man’s best friends.
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Meet great dogs and people.

As dog owners, it can be difficult to find other owners who fit your lifestyle. Friends and family either don't care for pets or are not interested in being social. Barkl looks to change that because dogs need it!

The app provides connections to other owners in your area for walks with or to just meet up. It also shows pet-friendly areas such as parks and restaurants in your neighborhood!

Our approach to the project.

The Rebel Kulture developed a brand identity for Barkl that is warm, friendly and playful, with a clean, clear design that conveys the platform’s trustworthiness and ease of use. The look and feel of the brand captures the joy of dog ownership and the bond between dog and owner.

The Barkl logo transforms the paw of the dog to a heart to depict the loving community the platform wishes to develop.

Colorful, well-curated photography of various breeds is combined with quirky sayings for dogs to express to each other. The identity includes a series of custom icons, application design, and product types.

The work comes first.

The startup is seeking investors and needed an engaging presentation and prototype to display.

We worked closely with Barkl to create a unified identity that brought together the best of its company mission with the innovation it’s known for today. By building on their purpose of strengthening dog and owner relationships, we created a visual language that could flex across the tech space and into the hearts and minds of users.

Rich gradients standout in the industry. The illustration style and verbal identity brings to life the irreverence that makes Barkl different. All of it works together to create an experience that’s as delightful as it is helpful.

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