Comprehensive Website Design

Phase 01: Brand Strategy Session

Every successful brand has a strategy to win. Through a brand intensive session, we uncover who you are, who your customers are, how they’ll find you and why they should care. You will be able to tell your story consistently across all touchpoints.

Core Brand Kickoff

Each project begins with a strategy session. This is an opportunity for all team members to discuss where the brand is and the goals for the website. Together, we will find fresh insights to develop your online presence. Before we think about designing a logo or website we take this moment to identify the brand’s purpose, vision, mission, and what it values.

Phase 02: Brand Messaging Framework

Create a brand messaging framework carefully constructing your tagline, value proposition, and brand messaging pillars. Use this document for internal teams and pitching to investors.

Messaging Framework

We’ll help you tell a cohesive story through compelling messaging that moves people along the customer journey. Articulate your value proposition, tagline, and messaging pillars to help content creators tell a consistent brand story.

Phase 03: Website Design

We’ll take everything gathered from our strategy session to begin developing the website. This is a multi-step process including content framework, sitemap, wireframes, beta testing, and content integration.

Content Strategy (Sitemap)

The sitemap is used to organize information on a website. It provides a basic structure to the website, detailing number of pages, sections, and links between pages.

Wireframes and Design Comps

With our sitemap completed we can begin the layout of the website. Wireframes feature important areas on each page. They will plot the position of videos, images and text throughout the site.

We will have an outline of the content’s placement on the website, what to add, and what to remove.

Development and Beta Testing

We build the functional version of the website. Our developers code the site to work. All buttons, videos, images (compressed) are working. Output is the beta site, a rough clickable.

We will also solidify SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features and information to make the site searchable online.

Content Integration and Deployment

This is when we need all remaining content and copy. The site is ready to launch on mobile and desktop.

Phase 04: Brand Style Guidelines and Launch

Develop a guide for you and new additions to your team to convey who you are and how you present yourself to the world. This document will keep your brand speaking one message and a consistent experience across all platforms.

Packaging Your Brand to Launch

A personalized rulebook. Preserve your brand integrity with easy-to-use guidelines that empower your team to create on-brand content. We make sure you have everything you need to grow your site traffic and generate leads/purchases.

Comprehensive Website Design
Comprehensive Website Design
Your website will grab attention, inspire action and motivate leads to become your customers.
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This includes:
Ecommerce Capabilities
SEO Implemented
Google Search Optimized
Collect Visitor Data
Investment: $30,000
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