The Social Media All-in-One

Phase 01: Brand Strategy Session

Every successful brand has a strategy to win. Through a brand intensive session, we uncover who you are, who your customers are, how they’ll find you and why they should care. You will be able to tell your story consistently across all touchpoints.

Core Brand Kickoff

This is an opportunity for all team members to discuss where the brand is and the goals for the future. Together, we will find fresh insight to help develop and differentiate your brand, and keep your entire organization aligned. Before we think about a logo or website we take this moment to identify the brand’s purpose, vision, mission, and what it values.

Phase 02: Visual Identity Design

We’ll take everything gathered from our strategy session to create a brand identity and messaging system. We shape the idea at the heart of a brand through your social media content.

Social Media Development

Choose up to two social media accounts you would like to build for your business (ex. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Templates are fully editable layered files in .AI or .PSD format. Each template includes multiple branded elements in a variety of your brand colors, fonts, patterns and textures. We will develop new pieces of content divided into posts, stories, banner elements, including the copy for each:

  • Post Template
  • Story Template
  • Profile Imagery
  • Cover Artwork
  • Copywrite (what to say)
  • Banner Element

Phase 03: Brand Style Guidelines and Launch

Develop a guide for you and new additions to your team to convey who you are and how you present yourself online. This document will keep your brand speaking one message and a consistent experience across all platforms.

Packaging Your Brand to Launch

A personalized rulebook. Preserve your brand integrity with easy-to-use guidelines that empower your team to create on-brand content. We make sure you have everything you need to grow your audience.

The Social Media All-in-One
Manage your social media presence and drive engagement across the platforms that are important to your business.
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This includes:
Social Media Templates
Custom Brand Elements
Engagement Strategy
Branding Guide
Investment: $10,000
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