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At the onset of COVID-19, businesses were shutting down in the United States. A small group of entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia wanted to step up to help their local community. They came together to form this idea to keep businesses strong and money within the community. CityGuide is a nationwide initiative providing everyday citizens with information on business, finance, and the best ways to make money.
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This is your CityGuide.

A nationwide initiative, CityGuide provides citizens with information on companies who are hiring or servicing their local community. The goal is to make America better by gathering innovative companies who share their revenue on each sale with referrals, promotions, and hiring opportunities.

Putting the pieces back together.

Early 2020, the nation was at a standstill. It became more and more difficult for businesses to make money. Many Americans had no way of receiving the income or services they rely on daily. The solution? Buying from one another in a different way. Yes, foot traffic had stopped, but online traffic was increasing and CityGuide looked to be at the forefront.

A bold new voice and identity built on a strong purpose.

We created a brand identity and voice for CityGuide to help the brand attract customers on a national scale.

The identity champions the idea that CityGuide is an information hub, visualizing how necessary it is for business owners to thrive online. It is timed to coincide with CityGuide's launch of new and useful partnerships.

The overarching creative concept was to make small businesses feel connected under one community. We created a brand that captured CityGuide's spirit, which is all about circulating quality services and products in the community.

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