Mototext Cars

Reinventing automotive recycling.

Mototext LLC is very much a part of Georgia and a staple in the metro Atlanta community. The Mototext Cars division launched with the goal of creating a simple exchange for junk car buyers and sellers. The company eliminates the hassle of shopping around and over-priced towing. They have formed partnerships with the best recyclers and built a platform to connect everyday people looking to get rid of junk vehicles for the best price.
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Technology to reshape an industry.

Working closely with the founders, we discovered that Mototext Cars stood above as a tech company. The space of junk car removal was decades behind other vehicle services such as ride-sharing. There were no platforms dedicated to low income neighborhoods or older vehicles that had reached the end of their life.

People leave junk cars on their property, rusting away, and a complete eyesore to residents. Not to mention chemical leaks, shattered glass, and dangerous metals all too commonly are left unattended to for months. Vehicles are left on the side of the road because they hit their last mile. Towing can be expensive, let alone the thousands of dollars in repairing it.

With little to no options, cars are handled by the local government to clean up or, more often, are left behind.

One man's trash...

The Rebel Kulture helped Mototext Cars articulate their role in the world and, from this strategic foundation, developed a simple process for customers to upload and purchase vehicles. We also positioned the company as a leader in the recycling industry. Single-proprietor and one person tow trucking services have joined the Mototext Transporters program we developed and have been able to earn money with the company

See what’s next, to make now right.

The clarity on the purpose and proposition have allowed the founders to change the way they talk about Mototext Cars. Investors, clients and colleagues can now understand it’s distinct solutions and the company is able to explore new automotive challenges with clarity. The new identity is rolling out across the Mototext Cars platform and is already being seen on the ground as they support the renewal of Georgian cities.

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