Mototext Homes

Bringing relief to 1M homeowners.

Mototext Homes is on a mission to bring relief to one million homeowners by providing programs that put money back into their homes and in their pockets. Their programs guide investor dollars into struggling communities, equip households with solar energy, save homeowners from foreclosure, and provide access to a career in real estate from the safety of their homes.
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Pioneering a new way of approaching real estate.

Stemming from the Mototext, LLC. brand, the founder was looking to expand into the real estate market. As with Mototext Cars, the core mission was to revitalize Georgian communities and help people in the toughest times.

We initially developed a website that allowed struggling homeowners to easily upload their homes and receive a cash offer before the bank foreclosed on the property. That functionality is still present, but the company had more features it was looking to implement.

New standards set.

The Rebel Kulture's job was to develop a brand identity that says 'we do more than buy houses' and a website that showcases the many programs the company offers homeowners.

Still within the Mototext family, we wanted to give Mototext Homes its own vision and personality, while keeping the "familial" features apparent. Every division of Mototext LLC dawns its own version of the classic 'M' lettermark. As the company builds partnerships with mortgage providers and solar tech organizations, we wanted to keep the brand open for growth with a clear path for international reach.

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