5 Steps To Write Killer Instagram Captions (with Free Guide)

Divad Sanders
December 5, 2021
Animation by the amazing Laurène Boglio

Remember the essays you wrote in high school? They’re going to come in handy. Let’s face it. Learning how to structure writing is boring. Intro, body, conclusion are not the most fascinating subjects. But it’s undeniable: writing is a powerful tool that fosters engagement and action.

So whether you are selling a product or sharing where you vacationed this summer, your words will drive your results.

There is a go-to method for capturing attention that’s been used since…. forever. I use this same structure in my social media posts, articles, and even for writing emails: Hook, Problem, Details, Solution, and Call-to-Action.

These steps outline a funnel for the reader to travel through. This sequence allows for the conflict, climax, and resolution that audiences crave. Sounds like a movie, right?

Your captions should follow that same structure. Lead the reader through a journey from obscurity to clarity. I created this easy step-by-step process that you can save to your phone or wherever you share your content. SAVE this for the next time you have no idea what to write for your captions.

SAVE this to your notes and review before each post @divadsanders

1.) Start with A Hook

In an Instagram post, you only have 2–3 lines to capture someone’s attention. Make them want to tap the “more” button. Ex. “How I Gained 10k Followers in a Week…”

2.) State the problem

What issue does your audience have? Related this to the hook. Ex. “It’s a struggle to post consistently...”

3.) Speak to your audience

Share a story that they can relate to the problem. Bonus points if you use a personal story. Ex. “I was in the same boat...”

4.) List solutions

Provide a path that your audience can take to solve the problem. Try suggesting an online resource or tool that they can use. Ex. “Here are 3 tips…”

5. Call-to-Action

Give people something to do before they continue to scroll. Ex. “SHARE this post and comment below your biggest challenge when coming up with a compelling Instagram caption.”

Want to take this guide with you wherever you go? Follow @divadsanders for more Instagram strategies and brand-building insights.

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