Announcement: Updates to Our Branding & Website

Divad Sanders
July 14, 2021

We are excited to announce our new look at The Rebel Kulture!

This week we launched major updates to our brand identity and website. If you are reading this, we would love to get your feedback.

The Rebel Kulture has come quite a long way in 4 years, so we wanted to better reflect the services we offer, the tools we use, the clients we've worked with, and be as transparent as possible with our pricing.

We updated our website to ensure that wherever you are, it’s easy to find the information and get the support you need from us:

  • Faster site speed
  • Simple navigation
  • Easier to find support information
  • Improved case study examination
  • Updated look

An Update to Our Logo

Our logo has evolved with the rest of our brand. Rebel Kulture Enterprises LLC. remains the umbrella corporation where we deliver our other divisions. Rebel Kulture Magazine drives our focus to tell the stories of the world. The Rebel Kulture operates as the brand-builder, transforming ideas into globally disruptive businesses.

Rebel Kulture Logos
Rebel Kulture divisions

We kept our trademark RK with black and white colors, a subtle nod to our origins. Some things will never change! The new update also means we have a great springboard to extend our content, create new topic areas, and share more resources directly with you.

In the future, we will also be updating our branding in a number of other places. As these updates become available, we’ll post official announcements here on the blog. Thank you for staying with us as we continue to grow and build for the future!

Divad, Founder and CEO

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