Recording Studio

Our recording studio is located in the heart of Atlanta. Creating your sound at the Rebel Kulture is an experience. Come prepared to make your music, build your catalog with the visuals attached.

Along with superb audio equipment, we provide the best in-house producers and engineers for your session. Our producers are critically acclaimed, releasing platinum selling records and scoring large motion pictures. When you come to Rebel Kulture Enterprises you are stepping into the industry.

Included in your studio session is a one hour photoshoot.

Available Services

  • Production

  • Engineering

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Vocal Recording

  • Album Sessions

  • Voice Overs

The Rebel Kulture

We create things that people love and serve a purpose: from brand identities for companies large and small to campaigns and projects impacting the culture.

Each project is spearheaded by our

Founder and CEO, Divad Sanders.

Contact Us

236 Forsyth St. SW Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: (470) 223-2455

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