Update Your Brand and Build an Audience For 2020

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In order for a company to thrive in the world today, it needs to be more than what it sells. When we talk about “brand”, what we mean is how business, products, and services are perceived by customers. A positive association between customer and company is essential to any growing business.

The emotional language of today’s generation is vast. So many things to hate or love, we “the people” find ourselves split between those emotions. One of the best ways we show our support for anything is through our wallets.

We ask ourselves, “does this brand reflect my values?” and “do they deserve my money?”

Think about the upcoming elections. We want companies to be open in who they support. We’re even willing to cut all ties and openly denounce the organization should it exhibit behavior contrasting to our beliefs.

However, it does not take an entirely new strategy to keep your brand beloved and respected by your audience. Just a few checkpoints should be re-evaluated and updated to fit the times.

Brand Consistency

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Design elements such as color, font choice, logo, layout style should be consistent across all brand touchpoints (social media, website, promotions, etc.). Wherever people come in contact with your brand, your image needs to feel the same.

In today’s digital landscape creating your own graphics and brand elements is as simple as a click and drag. The basics of design can be achieved by the everyday person with options like Canva.com, Smilebox.com, or Logomakr.com. Creating brand elements across different platforms, over time, will give you a brand that is clashing and mismatched.

Being consistent on all channels allows the brand to build equity and become recognizable to customers. When the logo on your Instagram page is different than the logo on your website, you essentially leave money on the table because customers cannot connect with the simplest identifier of the brand.

Your Website Is Costing You Customers

We’ve all seen them. The site with an extravagant font choice, eye-hurting patterns, or filled with so many ads the page takes minutes to fully load. In each case, you lose a potential customer.

Chances are for any given Google search, there are at least a million results that fit the searcher’s needs.

It takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave.

That’s why companies spend millions on ad placement. Being #1 on the Google search page for your industry all but ensures your credibility and a click to your site. The user experience will determine whether or not they stay.

Issues: Six different font colors, hard to read text, blurry imagery, outdated, poor navigation

Your website’s design can be a deciding factor in whether or not customers purchase from you. Make sure your site is free of any errors: typos, broken links, outdated images,


Increase the Quality of Your Content

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When blogging or publishing articles make sure they’re at the highest quality you can get. Low-quality content leaves you at risk of Google downgrading your content in the search, pushing your brand beyond the second and third page of results.

In posting and updating frequently, platforms like Google or Instagram recognize this as activity on your page. This will elevate your content in searches. Be sure your content is relevant to your audience.

Understand How to Invest in Advertising

Facebook ads are perhaps the best form of online advertising around today. Why? Facebook has over 2 billion users from around the world and collects a massive amount of data from them. You can leverage that data to reach your audience and those who may not yet know your brand.

The key to Facebook advertising is to run targeted ads. Do that by building Custom Audiences through the Facebook Ads Manager. The biggest mistake you can make is throwing money at Facebook without knowing who you want to see your promotion.

The other thing you want to know is your objective. Is it to buy clicks? Views?Engagements? Leads? Your objectives should be tailored to what your end game is. When you optimize and gain the know-how into promotions, your brand will gain another level of professionalism and grow much faster.

Establish Partnerships with Other Brands

Developing partnerships can build your brand awareness, build the business, and help you break into new markets.

A brand partnership is a fun way to marry the different experiences of each business into one. The marketing behind this strategy ensures that success in one brand brings success to all partners.

However, the partnerships have to make sense. Consumers can smell a forced allegiance a mile away. Engage with brands that have a similar purpose, value, and aspiration as yours. Think of GoPro and Redbull

Image via RedBull.com

Both GoPro and Redbull have established themselves as adventurous, fearless lifestyle brands. Their shared values make them a perfect pairing especially when it comes to action and extreme sports.

Keep these strategies in mind when building a partner relationship:

1.) Do your goals align? If one business suffers, the other will soon follow so make sure everyone is on the same page.

2.) Look for ways to indirectly help each other succeed. Not every interaction needs to have a moneybag attached. Build for the future. Promote your partners business, share referrals, and connections.

3.) Do your strengths align? Ensure both companies have strengths that complement one another and can fill the gaps of the other. Where one is week, the other should be strong.

4.) Analyze the data to find where your audiences meet. Look for similarities in customer behavior, attitudes, and product usage. Knowing each other’s customers is critical when developing promotional content.

5.) Co-publish posts to capitalize on the number of eyes you have on your content. Launch products and programs as a unit to show your collaboration and touch various points of the market.

It’s critical to stay current when evolving your company’s image to reflect the needs and expectations of your customers. Applying these strategies can give you a competitive edge and expand your brand even more in the coming years.