Accessing Capital for your Business

We've partnered with a 501(c)(3) non-profit and Innovative Capital Strategies who provide pre-launch, startup, and existing business owners with the capital necessary to grow their business.

This is a grant-funded program designed to assist small businesses in accessing low-interest SBA and business loans. The brief video below will introduce how the program came about, who runs it, how it works, and how to apply.


Most small business owners need capital to start and grow a business but have two primary obstacles. First, they don't know what the right source(s) of capital is for their circumstances. Second, they often don't meet the underwriting requirements. The Capital Ready Program addresses both of these barriers with a guaranteed $100,000 capital raise.


All participants of the Capital Ready Package Program are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and will continue to be assisted until that goal is reached.

  1. LEARN ABOUT THE PROGRAM | Watch our free video below to learn about the program and how to fund your business. Once you've finished viewing the video, complete the form with your information.

  2. ENROLL & COMPLETE 10 STEP PROCESS | A Business Mentor will help you develop your business plan, loan package, identify immediate sources of capital, and build your business creditworthiness.

  3. GET FUNDED AT LEAST $100K All participants who enroll in the Capital Ready Package program are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and we will continue to assist you until that goal is reached.

To get started, watch the video below to learn more about the Capital Ready Program and the key barriers to funding:

Have you finished watching the video?

Then you're ready to get started! Provide us with your basic information and a representative will reach out to you to begin the funding process.

Learn more about our partners

The 501(c)(3) non-profit Business Literacy Initiative began in 2016 focusing on entrepreneurship, education, and outreach.

The sister company, Innovative Capital Strategies was formed specifically to help entrepreneurs across the United States find the funding necessary to start and grow their businesses.


In other words, become "capital ready" so they meet the underwriting criteria to secure an SBA loan.