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I'm Divad

As founder and CEO of The Rebel Kulture, I help people transform their brand into a sustainable business and culture. You can find me online talking about personal branding, brand purpose, design strategies and more!
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A little about me...

My interests in business and design started at Rutgers University. I developed a passion for purpose-driven companies while working with non-profits like Jumpstart and America Needs You. As a student, I completed an internship with Boston Consulting Group, a global consulting firm that sparked my interest in business.

With an insider's look into the Fortune 500 company, I saw the potential every founder has when their purpose is just as strong as their product or service.

After graduating, I turned down a full-time offer with the Boston Consulting Group to start The Rebel Kulture, the brand-building firm.  

We help entrepreneurs achieve a higher level of influence so they can make the greatest impact on the people they serve.

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Topics covered:
Web design
Business Tools
March 2021 – Current
Companies coming into 2022 better than ever

In the first edition of this series, The Best Rebrands of 2019, I took a look at companies spanning multiple industries. The factors that led a company to make a change in their look or business model remain the same.

Let’s see which companies implemented some of those strategies this year and breakdown the success or failure of their rebrand.

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How to start a business with zero dollars
February 2018 – March 2021
The best FREE tools I used to launch my company

There has never been a time when the cost to launch an idea has been so cheap. Both developing your product and selling on the open market require little to no money to do so. Instead, your currency will be time, ingenuity, patience and persistence.

Here are zero-cost services to help you start, promote, and earn money from your new business.

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How to write follow up emails that convert
March 2016 – December 2017
More than 60% of customers will open a confirmation email

Whether subscribing to your newsletter, buying an e-book, or submitting an inquiry form, don’t miss the opportunity to build a connection by sending a confirmation email so your audience knows their request has been received. Don’t leave them hanging, refreshing their inbox every two minutes.

Learn how to convert on email
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