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As dog guardians, it can be difficult to find dogs and other guardians who fit your lifestyle. Friends and family either don't care for pets or are not interested in being social. Barkl looks to change that, because dogs need it!


The app provides connection to other dogs in your area to go on walks with or to just meetup. It also shows pet friendly areas such as parks and restaurants!


The startup is seeking investors and needed an engaging presentation and prototype to display. Also to expressing the voice and tone of the brand.


Rebel Kulture developed a complete identity, inspired by Barkl's mission to connect dog guardians under a loving and positive atmosphere.


Logo Systems

Brand Guidelines

Application Design


Media Posters & Campaign

We create things that people love and serve a purpose: from brand identities for companies large and small to campaigns and projects impacting the culture.

Each project is spearheaded by our

Founder and CEO, Divad Sanders.

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